TRINITY – Second Review Meeting

On 23rd June 2022, the TRINITY work plan, deliverables, and milestones were evaluated against objectives by the European Commission during the 2nd Review Meeting in Brussels.

SEEPEX, as the product leader of Work Package 3 (T-Market Coupling Framework), presented the current status of the platform and future exploitation plans followed by the live demonstrations of the two selected products.

Due to a narrow time slot, it was possible to demonstrate only two modules: T-Market Intraday Market Coupling Auction (ID MCA) Module and Capacity Reserve Market (CRM) Module, both being almost production ready.

EPEXSPOT, HUPX, BELEN, CGES, EMS and SEEPEX took part in extensive T-Market Intraday Market Coupling Module testing. Pan European intraday auctions, foreseen for late 2024 on EU-wide level, have already been implemented in the testing environment between Hungarian, Serbian and Montenegrin market areas.

Testing of T-Market Capacity Reserve Market Module, developed in close cooperation between EKC, Institute Mihajlo Pupin and SEEPEX, showed a completely new product built from the ground up, ready to be implemented in the Balkan area as well as on a wider EU level, with main end users being TSO’s and Balance Service Providers.

Feedback from the EC reviewer regarding the TRINITY project has been extremely positive and SEEPEX is pursuing towards its completion in 2024.