During the time span of 4 years, SEEPEX has been participating in TRINITY project, which was funded by European Commission as a part of the Horizon 2020 Program. During that time, SEEPEX was actively involved in leading the work package related to electricity market integration in the WB6 region, specifically focusing on harmonization of the market between EU and non-EU countries. As a result of that effort, with the help of its partners (special mention goes to EPEX Spot, EKC Ltd. and Institute Mihajlo Pupin), SEEPEX has achieved to fully design, develop, deploy and test four different products, each of those aiming at specific aspects of electricity market – IDA MC (cross-border auction intraday market platform), CRM (Capacity Reserve Market platform), Guarantees of Origin platform and OTC market platform.

This has all been recognized as an outstanding achievement by EU Commission Officer who was responsible for reviewing the project.

The final review took place in Valencia, Spain on 16th November, where final presentations regarding demonstrations and deployments have been shown. SEEPEX representatives, with the assistance of EPEX Spot, HUPX and EKC, presented two market modules – ID MC and CRM. The final review of TRINITY project will be published on EC website when completed.

With immense appreciation, we would like to extend our gratitude to each and every participant for their exceptional and successful collaboration on this project.