SEEPEX participated on regional conference CIGRE 2021

SEEPEX AD actively participated on the 35th regional conference CIGRE 2021 in the period from 03 to 07 of October 2021 on Zlatibor. The topic of the conference was “Energy Transition and Smart Grid”.

CIGRE is a global community focused on the collaborative development and sharing of knowledge among power system experts and CIGRE SERBIA is one of the 59 National Committees. CIGRE consists of 16 study committees, that cover all relevant areas of the power system. This conference is the place where people who work in electricity industry can find answers to their questions, where they can prepare for new trends and future challenges, learn from domestic and world experts and share knowledge with their colleagues.

SEEPEX AD presented one of the TRINITY project products (TRINITY MARKET COUPLING FRAMEWORK) in cooperation with our partners: the Transmission System Operator of Serbia (TSO) EMS, the Electricity Coordination Centre (EKC), the Institute Mihajlo Pupin (IMP) and the Security Coordination Centre Ltd. Belgrade (SCC). TRINITY (TRansmission system enhancement of regIoNal borders by means of IntellIgenT market technologY) is a project which main goal is to enhance cooperation and coordination among the Transmission System Operators of South-Eastern Europe (SEE) to support the integration of the electricity markets in the region, whilst promoting higher penetration of clean energies. TRINITY MARKET COUPLING FRAMEWORK is one of the TRINITY products that consists of four separate modules covering different market areas:

– Intraday Market Coupling Module

– Ancillary Services Market Modul

– OTC Market Module for bilateral trading

– GO market module.


SEEPEX AD took part in this conference in two ways: we had a mutual boot with our partners EMS, IMP, EKC and SCC presenting TRINITY project and we also had a mutual scientific paper with IMP and EKC presented inside C5 group – Electricity market and deregulation. The name of the scientific paper was OPTIMIZATION MODULE FOR CAPACITY RESERVE TRADING APPLICATION.