May 29th 2019. – Workshop: Introduction of financial derivatives in Serbia

On June 3rd, 2019, European Energy Exchange AG (EEX), the leading European energy market energy market, in close cooperation with SEEPEX a.d. Belgrade, puts market participants at the disposal of futures of electricity with financial settlement for the Serbian market area. EEX will introduce basic weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual futures products for the Republic of Serbia market. The financial settlement will be made in relation to the day-ahead spot market price in Serbia, published by SEEPEX.

On the occasion of this significant event, on May 29th 2019. the Serbian Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with SEEPEX organized a workshop on the topic “Introduction of financial derivatives in the electricity market in Serbia”, in order to enable all interested parties full insight into this new, significant product that appeared on the market electric energy.

Due to this occasion Milos Mladenovic, executive director of SEEPEX, said: “The implementation of Serbian electricity futures on EEX will contribute to the further development of liquidity and confidence in the Serbian spot market of electricity, which is rapidly developing and becomes the main center for cross-border trade in the region of Southeast Europe, making SEEPEX the relevant model and nucleus of the planned integration processes for establishing an efficient and robust regional electricity exchange.”