SEEPEX Intraday Continuous
Trading Procedure Continuous
Trading days Year-round
Tradable Contracts (Expiries) 1 hour of the day (60min) 00-01: the period between midnight and 1:00 01-02: the period between 1:00 and 2:00, and so on and so forth 23-00 the period between 23:00 and midnight
Opening of the trading session 24 hours a day (60min) 60min Contracts for Delivery on the next day D open at 18:00 on the day D-1
Closure of the trading session 60 minutes before Delivery in Serbia
Clearing and Settlement Trade information transmitted by SEEPEX to the central counterparty for Settlement of the Contracts
Delivery procedure Nomination by central counterparty and by the relevant Balance Responsible Parties to the TSO
Admissible Orders On the day of the switch from summertime to wintertime, hour 03 is divided in two hours that can be traded separately. On the day of the switch from wintertime to summertime, hour 03 cannot be traded
Minimum increment price 0.01 €/MWh
Minimum increment volume 0.1 MW
Minimum and maximum price 0 € / 9,999.99 €
Minimum quantity 0.1 MWh
Maximum quantity 999 MWh
Single-Contract Orders and Block Orders
Definition Single Contract Orders combine a price and a quantity for an Expiry. Block Orders combine several Expiries with a minimum of two contiguous Expiries on the same Delivery Day which depend on each other in their execution. The Exchange Member is not restricted in the determination of the Block Orders.
Execution conditions Single-Contract Orders can be partially executed by default. The following execution restrictions can be used: “IOC” (immediate or cancel) or “FOK” (fill or kill). User-defined Block Orders cannot be partially executed. Therefore, the execution restriction “AON” (all or none) applies by default. By adding the execution restriction “IOC” (immediate or cancel), user-defined Block Orders become “market sweep” Orders and will be executed immediately, as far as possible against respective Single-Contract Orders. The minimum peak quantity for iceberg Orders is 1 MW.