The Market Surveillance Office is an independent exchange body that directly reports to the SEEPEX AD board as well as to the Organized Market Committee. It continuously monitors the SEEPEX market and checks that members comply with SEEPEX Market Rules. The Market Surveillance acts as a central point of contact that cooperates with all the regulatory authorities.


For trust and price reference
  • The role of the electricity market is to deliver a reference representing the fair value considering the economic and technical conditions
  • However, there are temptations to manipulate the market to benefit from it
  • Market surveillance helps to ensure orderly market, where buyers and sellers are willing to participate because they feel confident in the fairness and accuracy of transactions.
  • By its market based background, SEEPEX wants to deliver a price reference for its market where members behave in accordance with good market practices
  • Even more, the Market Surveillance office is mandatory as mentioned in national laws and European regulation (REMIT)
The work is carried out with market indicators and completed by deeper investigations. In case of a suspected breach of Market Rules, the Market Surveillance is entitled to request information from the exchange members, including documents and the beneficiary of a transaction. In case of a proved breach of Market Rules, SEEPEX AD can decide on a sanctioning procedure (for example membership suspension). Thus, the Market Surveillance plays a significant role in the achievement of a fair and ordarly market