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SEEPEX workshop held in Belgrade on 22nd of September

SEEPEX held a second member workshop in Belgrade on 22nd of September in hotel Moskva.

Workshop was attended by more than hundred participants who were very interested to hear the latest news concerning the Serbian power exchange.


Workshop consisted of two parts.

First part was dedicated to ETS simulation (trading system) and training of participants. At the end of the first part, an exam was organized for all the participants who wanted to get a certificate for trading at SEEPEX.

Second part of the workshop consisted of presentations about Admission process, VAT law, Clearing process, Licensing Rules and there was also a part reserved for questions. Key point of second part of this workshop is draft VAT law approved by the Government of Republic of Serbia.


Unicredit Bank Serbia and Keler CCP Hungary held presentations about provision of clearing services to local companies interested in becoming members at SEEPEX.

Approval of VAT Law and Licensing Rules will enable foreign companies to take part in SEEPEX according to the best practice in Europe. Clearing done by ECC also ensures financial trading security of exchange participants.


Workshop was successful and the feedback was very positive.

With this workshop SEEPEX introduced admission process phase, that will be followed with registration of new members, which is a big stepping stone in order to achieve go live at the end of November.

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